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591: Italian style

Leftover grilled skirt steak with salt-roasted fingerling potatoes (those are perfect bento size!). Spaghetti, brussels sprouts, grapes and edamame. My color mix is SO off! Still adjusting to being the only adult in the house, with too much going on! Can't give bento the time it deserves. 


537: tiffin tortellini

I haven't used this tiffin in so long, but now that Muffin wants more food I think this might be good to return to since it holds a LOT. The problem is that the tiers are so deep it is a challenge to fit food in there tightly. I have to stack things. Today she has leftover tortellini, and then in the top tier some lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, chicken pieces, dipping sauce, and some GS cookies in the purple plastic wrap.


535&536: soba

Another soba noodle Friday! Muffin was so happy to see this, she asked if she could have the leftover soba for breakfast. Today I mixed in some leftover chicken bits from takeout dinner the other night. As always, the soba is tossed with Thai spicy peanut sauce. In the top tier I just made a salad. I was out late last night for a bike ride and had a wreck (everything is okay!) which made getting up this morning a little more challenging since I really just wanted to stay in bed!

Muffin's sidecar is two little onigiri like yesterday, but also I put in some edamame. I'm realizing onigiri is a terrific little sidecar snack. Next time I will fill them with something.


533: little pita

These mini pita are so cute. Ham sandwiches with little cheese men. Veggies in top tier are broccoli, carrot, cucumber and roasted potato chunks.

For mid-morning snack Muffin gets two onigiri in our new Hello Kitty sidecar we got at Sanrio in Times Square.


532: rainy day bento

This is the bento I meant for yesterday! Umbrella and spring flowers, plus little animals coming out to play in the rain. The ham rolls are supposed to look sort of like flowers, but I think that exists only in my imagination. I also packed a sidecar for Muffin with bagel and cream cheese.


531: rollups

I had this lovely vision of doing a long overdue theme bento, with an umbrella and rain showers, and a little girl. I set the timer on my rice cooker so that it would have lovely rice for me in the morning, and went to bed thinking of the rainy day bento. I got up and voila -- no rice! The clock setting was off by an hour, not sure how that happened.

So, with only 15 minutes or so to pack a bento, and still no groceries restocked from vacation week, this is what we got: Ham rollups with some filler snap peas, egg, carrots and some grapes. Lid has chocolate and a wipe for Muffin's hands. Penguin has mustard for the rollups. I like the colors, it's kind of spring-like.

The rain should still be here through Wednesday so hopefully rainy day bento tomorrow!


spring break!

The Daily Bento was on spring break last week, in NYC! It was a lovely, bento-free week. And although I did make a post-vacation rushed bento this morning, it was so ugly that I didn't even take a picture! Hopefully better work to show everyone tomorrow.

527: Easter bunny

It's the last day of school before Easter so Muffin gets a bunny onigiri. He has ham tummy and inner ears. I kind of dropped the ball by not continuing the theme, but I didn't have much time this morning. I should have done a garden, carrot in his hand and some colored egg looking things, but I'm rusty.

bunny is ready for his closeup...Collapse )


527: sandwich again

Same ham sandwich as on Monday but this time I cut it in half to make it sort of look a little different. Also pasta spirals, grapes, broccoli and Thin Mints.


525&526: rice and beef

Hubby stir fried some really spicy beef last night. I'm thinking it should be great for bento since strongly-flavored foods fare better at room temperature. Muffin gets rice, veggies and some of those huge grapes.

Yay, a bento for me! I have veggies, beef, rice, and some chocolate cookies in the plastic wrap.

I should get myself a box because the one I really like is the red one (above) that I use daily for Muffin. Maybe I should just swipe that. Or get back to the Lock and Lock. I just like a more streamlined, grown-up look for my bento. One reason I packed a bento for myself is to see how the spicy beef is at lunchtime to test my theory of strongly-flavored foods are a little more bland at room temperature.


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I'm usually cranking out two bento a day (sometimes even on weekends), one for 7th-grade Muffin, the other for me.

What I do varies from speed bento to more elaborate "theme" bento, but either way I'm using techniques to get it done quickly, with enough variety to keep it fresh.




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